Some thoughts on exercise // my love for Ashtanga yoga

November 18, 2015

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I’ve done all of the exercise. All of it. I grew up with a father who, to this day, is devoted to his exercise routine. I’ve watched him consistently lace up his sneakers and drift away, and do sit-ups and stretches, with zero excuses. No matter how tired, hungry or how many tequilas he had the night before. My mom used to be the best ballerina in Nicaragua. Literally all of Nicaragua. Like legit she was on TV for point-ballet. My build is inherently athletic; I’ve got quads that don’t change size no matter how thin I get that elicit thunder as I walk. My body is made for movement.

I’ve ellipticall-ed enough to fill the universe. I’ve spent 90 minutes straight on that horrible machine, many-a-time. How am I not dead from boredom? Have you ever seen ANYONE on an elliptical actually paying attention to it? No, they’re bouncing watching tv or reading a magazine because it sucks. I’ve run, a lot (I used to run one hour daily while I was in grad school and literally prayed to God to keep me going because it was so painful). I’ve trained for two half-marathons, and completed zero. I tried, people, and it was not happening for me. I tried to train again to be a good “strong” person, and then found myself dumbfounded when the man in charge of the marathon training program gave a speech about all of the marathons he had ever run (like over a hundred) and he did NOT look fit. Like if I saw him on the street, I would think he spent his time sedentary, which is the exact opposite of what he’s was doing. I’ve awkwardly zumba-ed, stairmaster-ed, stairclimb-ed, CrossFit-ed, I’ve done pilates, all of the tapes and DVDs, dance classes. Bands. Weights. Heavy weights. Heavier and heaviest weights. Tracy Anderson. Maybe everything except the shake-weight; I’ll live.

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November 17, 2015


I don’t care who you are or what diet you follow, you like fajitas. I’m a Pavlovian victim to the sound of the sizzle. Seeing that cackling cast iron skillet of smoke emerge before me and getting hit with palpable waves of acid, spice, and onion is quintessentially fajita. Oh, the drama. Oh, the fun of putting each one together exactly the way you want it. They’re universally loved for the aforementioned, but who knew it was easy to make them at home, too?

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Honor your hunger

November 3, 2015


Many of us are out of touch with a significant, innate human mechanism: physical hunger. We eat out of boredom, sadness, pressure, confusion, because it’s there, to clean our plate, because we want to procrastinate, because we can’t deal with life, because our problems seem insurmountable; so it’s just easier to eat. The reasons we don’t eat out of true hunger are endless, especially for those of us that use food for emotional nourishment.

Many of us also rely on outside wisdom to gauge when we should eat. Someone says we should intermittent fast, that we need to eat 6 tiny meals throughout the day “to vroom vroom our metabolism”, others say three square meals without any snacks WHATSOEVER, others rely on shakes or magic potions or set-up, rigid meal plans. I don’t necessarily agree with any of those. What I do agree with, though, is listening to our bodies. Because they tell us. Yeah, we were actually born with this awesome barometer that kindly notifies us when we should eat. But frankly, most of us are far removed from it. Due to the media, others, books, TV, magazines, desperation, frustration, emotions, and DIETS. We’re lost when it comes to tuning in. The good news? It’s always ready for you to return.

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Steak, cucumber, herb, & onion salad with Thai vinaigrette

November 2, 2015


When I transitioned to a grain-free diet, I was petrified of sacrificing flavor. I was used to in-your-face sweetness and fatty textures ie lots of dairy, cheese, grains, breads, baked goods, and sugar in all forms. Those flavors are easy delicious; they’re engineered to give you a dopamine hit, and they taste unquestionably amazing. After cutting most of them out, how would I easily achieve delicious with the new foods I was eating? And also, how would I appease the palates of those closest to me, and that live with me, and eat with me every day?

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Roasted sweet potato coins

October 29, 2015


A few nights ago over dinner, Derek and I were discussing which ONE food we would choose to survive on for the rest of our lives. Because we’re going into some sort of armageddon, right? Because we don’t have 500 supermarkets in a one-mile radius, right? No, I’m just dramatic and must know these answers. Derek said bacon, duh. I said avocado, duh, too, because a more perfect food does not exist. My number two, though, is sweet potato.

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Simple beef stew & some variations

October 28, 2015

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I would give beef stew a million hugs and kisses if I didn’t look like a complete psycho doing so. It might be the fact that my grandmother used to make it for me when I was a tiny hispanic child, in the form of carne con papa. Or the fact that I feel like it’s tangible love. That tender beef, with the bite of tomato and aromatics, just gets me. I get it, too. And I suspect you do as well.

Many people are intimidated to make beef stew, but it is quite simple to prepare. Most grandmother-y meals are inherently simple. Think about it, grandmothers don’t want fuss. They have lots of people to feed and stomachs to nourish. Because that’s what they do, they love. Let’s do it.

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Roasted eggplant & peppers with pine nuts & basil

October 26, 2015


I consume recipes voraciously. Surprise, surprise. I have an infatuation with trying every method ever invented in my constant and futile search for “the best”. Of course I have my staples, but I’m always reaching. This can be tricky, trying new recipes all the time, because how do you trust it’s gonna turn out okay? That’s a whole lotta faith. Some people don’t work like that. My mom, for example, has her greatest hits, like REALLY great hits, and keeps them locked into her playlist. She always knows she’ll receive accolades and OMG’s after making something, because she played the favorites up-front.

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Green tahini sauce

October 22, 2015

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We’ve all had tahini. I hope.

Actually, that might not be true. Because I just asked my honey if he knew what tahini was and he said no. Seeing that it came from a can mildly traumatized him. I guess I’ve rubbed off on him. Regardless, tahini is obsessively good. Like so good that you might eat it out of the can by the spoonful. Yes, my favorite brand of tahini, Joyva, comes from a can and I don’t care at all.

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