Mindful eating tip #2 – Be with the bite

October 21, 2015


A life remote-control is on my Christmas list. I want pause, rewind, and power off. Fast forward is one I seem to have achieved already, though; states where time has mysteriously been deleted from reality. If you’re reading, maybe you’ve gone through it, too. Specifically, with a plate of delicious food.

For those of us that are, ahem, people that love to eat, sometimes we fantasize over the perfect plate of food for hours. During a day of drudgery, where everything has gone wrong, where you’re tired and the insides of your shoes hurt and you can’t curl your toes because it hurts too much, that delicious meal is the only thing you have to look forward to. You dream lust after it. It’s going to be so amazing. I can’t even pay attention right now because all I can think of is my delicious soup, my avocado with bacon and garlic powder and salmon, my fruit with nut butter. Sometimes, you wait months for a specific food. I can have ice cream on X day, because I’m a good person and I deserve it. I’ve abstained from chocolate for X amount of months so I can have it now. We’ve spent this time consumed with longing.

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Smoked paprika chicken thighs

October 20, 2015

chickenthighsA lot of people ask me what I eat on a daily basis. Almost like it’s assumed that the gloriousness of my home cooking is fit for sultans because I know a thing or two about the kitchen. Let me give you a hint: it is NOT exciting. Just ask my boyfriend, who still brings up one of the only meals I’ve ever slaved over for hours for him, miso scallops & short ribs. I make special meals for us a couple times per month, but most of the time, we are eating boring, simple, tasty meals.

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Flourless dark chocolate cookies

October 16, 2015


Sugar and I have a wonky relationship. I have fond memories of being civilized with it, eating one bite of something and leaving it alone. Lots of people display this talent. I used to be one of them. To be honest, I don’t know if I had more self-control in the past, or I overhauled my diet now, but we are no longer friends. I think it’s dietary, because it wasn’t until I went cold turkey and added it back in that my body realized how good it felt without it. It now messes up my mood, makes me feel anxious, and makes me look pregnant. This has been a sad revelation for me.

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30 years old // 35 truths

October 15, 2015


I turned 30 this past September 10. I was in Mykonos, Greece with my parents and sister (my mom’s not in the above photo, obviously). I always thought I’d be some real and super adult-y person when I reached this number. But the truth is, I am still the same silly person in a body that’s now been on earth for 30 years.

I don’t have any regrets about my life because I trust it. I’ve had failures, mistakes, and LOTS of rumination about how things could have gone a different way, but I firmly believe everything, all of the pain, suffering, happiness, debauchery, FUN, drama, ecstacy, awe-inspiring and fortunate moments have all happened exactly the way they should have.

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Mindful eating step #1 – Eating what you want

October 13, 2015
So. This might seem counterintuitive. Are you like, whoa, seriously, crazy lady? I’m supposed to eat what I want when I’m trying to become a mindful eater? Wouldn’t that mean that I’d be eating ice cream & chocolate brownies all day long in bed? Maybe. But you’d soon find out that you don’t like how you feel after eating those things and it would dirty your bedsheets. Maybe that’s a process you need to go through in order to find out that your body rarely wants those things. Your mind does, but that’s a different story.

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Crab salad with grapefruit, mint, & avocado (+ how to be interesting)

October 9, 2015


A few years ago, I had an idea in my head of what success and/or interesting-ness meant; and it was perfect everything everywhere. I would have my shit TOGETHER, people. I would not have a hair out of place, I would not make a mistake. I would lock it up and not show emotion. I would be perfect.

Then, I met a woman who would later become a mentor. She was in her sixties, probably, and the second I saw her my insides told me that she would play a significant role in my life. I knew she was stunning before I met her, because google, and because reputation, but her presence left my jaw on the floor. She radiated poise, such shit-together-ness, that she glided with confidence. She gently commanded respect from all who knew her. I knew she worked her butt off, and she was officially my role model.

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Fennel, apple, & celery salad with tarragon

October 7, 2015


I’m fixated on fall. It has me wrapped up in its coziness, warmth, and spice. The soups, the cranberry sauces, the brussels, apples, and the freaking GOURDS. What a weird word. It sounds like a body part. But, I love the gourds nonetheless. Fall is like the silk blanket of the seasons. I want it to wrap me up in its spiciness and stay hibernated there for months.

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