Flourless chocolate hazelnut cake


2013 ate me alive. This should have come as no surprise, as 13 carries major bad vibesfor me. It began with yay! my dreams continue to come into fruition! my life is sooooooo glamourous! Apparently, I didn’t get the memo that working for yourself is excruciating. Things were MUCH easier when someone was always telling me what to do. In my past life, my 8 hour days consisted of scratching my pen against paper with a check-mark motion weaved in with avalanches of wasted time. Repeat. Forever. On the flip side, it’s not even just a bit dusty, it’s kind of muddy. Why did no one tell me this? I thought the yellow brick road awaited me, with each golden brick seamlessly in place because well, duh, I work for myself.

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Vinaigrette // recipe illustration


I’ve recently emerged from a funk with the vigor of swamp thing. It wasn’t a jovial funk, where silky beats coated my eardrums as I bopped my afro-laden head. I definitely wasn’t in fancy cheese world with funky fragrances wafted from me. Well, I pray to God that wasn’t the case. This wasn’t a cool sweep of colors arranged into a beautiful, peculiar pattern. I was living in funky-town, and not the type you want to be taken to.

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Oven roasted cherry tomatoes


I used to want everything in the world, lots of it, and all at once.

I longed to watch all of the movies ever made, and binge-watch tv shows endlessly. (Sidenote: am I the only person that gets overwhelmed at the onslaught of Netflix’s selections? Does this choice paralysis make you end up watching…. nothing?) I had lists and lists and Google Docs of all of the books that I MUST read before I die from millions of different people in order to reach prime intellect and have a top-notch vocabulary. All of the restaurants I needed to try and recipes I HAD to make and cakes and pies and cookies and people to see and this to do and experience plus all of the cities and places I needed to travel and cultures I needed to be exposed to because it’s obviously integral for my development as a human and the only way that one can live a full life. When I accomplished all I needed to, I could sit on my death bed knowing I did and experienced and read and ate and painted and went to everything I wanted to in the world. All at the same time. Check, check. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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All purpose lemon & herb seafood marinade


There is this fish market near my house where the people are warm and real, and the fish is out of this world. It doesn’t leave me wanting much else from a food establishment. Being that the fish is far above par, it has resulted in a bit of a food shopping conundrum. I can’t go anywhere else. Ever. I go to Whole Foods and walk by the fish and I’m just like “nope.” The quality is through the roof at my little market. The flavor of the fish is as genuine as the people selling it to me.

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Baked ratatouille


I must preface this post by explaining my SIX MONTH (!) absence. It’s not like I’ve been at home twiddling my thumbs in bed, watching reruns of Cheaters, eating cake pops, and sporting a permanent dark chocolate mustache. Although that would be pretty awesome. I’m going to use the most cliched of excuses and tell you that I’ve been busy. Extraordinarily busy. In a good way. Working, absorbing, and being a lot of tired. Lots of not knowing what the hell I am doing and in turn, experiencing the power of belief.

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Cornmeal & guava thumbprint cookies

cornmeal & guava thumbrint cookies-10

I get like…intensely intrigued by things. SUCKED into quirky worlds where then I physically can’t stop staring at these little wonders. I picture tiny lego men that have made my eyeballs their home, constantly on the hunt for something random. Once found, they stop navigating and get hooked. It feels like prying away an Elf-on-the-shelf doll from a screaming 4 year old. It doesn’t happen. Transfixed. For someone who is super easily distracted this presents a big problem. Especially when I have to talk to people all day long and be a professional human being. Oh hey, you have something huge in your teeth….and my eyes are literally krazy glued but you have no idea. You must think I love your teeth. Although they’re very nice, that’s not the case right now.

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Chocolate krantz cakes

Our lives are currently characterized by sheer abundance. Of food. Cars. Money. People. Lovers. Friends. Restaurants. Malls. Music. Socks. Hangers. Books. Dutch ovens. Spatulas. Deodorants. Planners. Pillows. Rings.Choice.

If you pause for a sec and contemplate this, our minds are confronted daily with millions of options.

Studies have found that when our crazy complicated human brain is presented with more than seven miniscule choices, (which nowadays is nada…have you taken a look at Cheesecake Factory’s novel-like menu lately? How am I supposed to choose anything there within its ocean of options without going through a state of utter mind blindness and menu-choosing anxiety?) it basically goes…

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Am I the only one that thought of the now somewhat forgotten Delta airline as glitzy and prototypical? Its pristine flight attendants were gracious: yes, as a matter of fact I would like some water please and when you do the hand motion things I’m giving more attention to your slicked back glossy hairstyle without an out of place single follicle, red lipstick, and sparkly chiclet teeth than the actual safety. Don’t we see Delta in so many movies, hailing as the perfect airline? Or is this now Pan-Am? For some reason, I feel like Delta has fallen off the wayside. This little plunge into obscurity hasn’t let everyone forget everything about Delta, though. Maybe its triangular logo, good customer service, super attractive flight attendants, and skyhigh utopia have vacated the mind. The one thing that hasn’t left my mind, though, are the Biscoff cookies.

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Dark & damp molasses cake

dark and damp molasses cake

It’s inevitable that we’ll go through things we don’t want to go through. We’ll eventually have to face these dark happenings, happenings that will fill your eyes to the brim with tears and fall down to your cheeks like mini waterfalls. During these moments, we might question how such a thing can be occurring or if we deserve it. Perhaps they’re things that you see in movies or books or in surrounding people’s lives that you never think will actually happen to you. Like a loved one dying unexpectedly. Because although we know we’ll meet death we’re always surprised when it comes. Your good friend might be involved in a car accident on a whim because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. You might lose all your money or you wife, husband, or children unexpectedly. Your parents, while having done their absolute best to raise you, might have given you some hurtful scars that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. You could have been totally in love and expected to be with someone forever, and then your eyes see them with someone else, figuratively crumpling you up like a flimsy brown paper bag and throwing you in the trash.

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The best brownies in the universe

I’m fully conscious of the boldness contained in this post’s title. It’s a robust claim. But if you know me, you know I’m someone who doesn’t flail such claims about without reason or utter certainty. When I taste something, a sandstorm blows around in my mind. Things are “meh”, “okay”, “good but not that good”, “good but not great”, “pretty great”, “excellent (never)”, and “the best (even less)”. I’m not sure when this bestness obsession started, but I remember my college roommate always making fun of me for asking “but which ones the best? I want that one!” with anything ranging from chicken to munchie induced ice cream chocolate bars. I’m uber picky, finicky, and pretty hard to please when it comes to food. My standards annoy me. I stare at the faces of people who try what I make with such urgency before they’ve even swallowed to see what they think or how I can change the recipe for the better. And this is why I strongly suggest you get in the kitchen stat if you want the best brownies in the universe to be a part of your world.

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