Cauliflower steaks with cauliflower puree

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Maya Angelou died last week. I’m sure you know.

She was a writer, poet, and straight up inspiration. You know that, too. You might not know she was also a great cook. She was. She knew what was up. Last week, social media was flooded with her quotes, each instantly life-altering at some point in my life. But something she said posthumously hit me the hardest.

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Brown butter & rosemary seabass with proscuitto


Our growth as human beings is completely reliant on how we deal with and respond to pain.

This sucks. In fact, it’s ironically painful in and of itself.

You hear it all the time and see it on annoying mugs, magnets, and greeting cards: Life begins out of your comfort zone! You’re not living unless you’re living on the edge! Be gritty! All of these things are true. We say and spew these truths to others and they churn around in our own heads, but few of us actually put the pedal to the metal.

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Bacon & balsamic roasted brussels sprouts {why I eat paleo intro}


For the past 15 months, I’ve taken charge of my health through lifestyle choices. 80ofoods I used to rely on and love are gone, and it’s been way harder than I pictured. It’s the reason I no longer maniacally post my recipes and thoughts on here; I’ve sadly neglected my beloved and much-asked-about little corner of the internet, partly because I feel that my identity as a food-lover and chef has been slashed to pieces by a gluten-laden machete. No longer can I just go out to dinner anywhere without subjecting a waiter/cook/chef to an inquisition worse than the Spanish experienced back in the sixteenth century, consume the majority of delicious homemade things at gatherings while everyone else gets to oooh and ahhh over it in front of my face, enjoy a night of MSG-laden sushi with my best friend without waking up looking like the blueberry lady from Willy Wonka and then suffering a breakdown the next morning, or eat the best things on this planet: pizza, bread, cookies, and cake.

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Zucchini with almond pesto


A zucchini shift has happened in my life: it’s one of my favorite vegetables. I didn’t used to be a fan. I thought it was a weird, spotted cucumber with a little nub on its end. Freaky. But it’s so versatile! It can be sauteed, roasted, broiled, stewed, AND dun dun dun, be eaten completely raw.

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Super spicy carrot & chickpea tagine


From time to time, I do detrimental things completely aware of their unfavorable end result. In the moment right before the action is committed, there’s a shiny glimmer of hope that maybe, this ONE time out of a million, things will not end up the way I think they will. Even though they always do. What the hell, brain? Why am I always surprised at the unhappy ending? And why do I continue to do these things?

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Flourless chocolate hazelnut cake


2013 ate me alive. This should have come as no surprise, as 13 carries major bad vibesfor me. It began with yay! my dreams continue to come into fruition! my life is sooooooo glamourous! Apparently, I didn’t get the memo that working for yourself is excruciating. Things were MUCH easier when someone was always telling me what to do. In my past life, my 8 hour days consisted of scratching my pen against paper with a check-mark motion weaved in with avalanches of wasted time. Repeat. Forever. On the flip side, it’s not even just a bit dusty, it’s kind of muddy. Why did no one tell me this? I thought the yellow brick road awaited me, with each golden brick seamlessly in place because well, duh, I work for myself.

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Vinaigrette // recipe illustration


I’ve recently emerged from a funk with the vigor of swamp thing. It wasn’t a jovial funk, where silky beats coated my eardrums as I bopped my afro-laden head. I definitely wasn’t in fancy cheese world with funky fragrances wafted from me. Well, I pray to God that wasn’t the case. This wasn’t a cool sweep of colors arranged into a beautiful, peculiar pattern. I was living in funky-town, and not the type you want to be taken to.

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Oven roasted cherry tomatoes


I used to want everything in the world, lots of it, and all at once.

I longed to watch all of the movies ever made, and binge-watch tv shows endlessly. (Sidenote: am I the only person that gets overwhelmed at the onslaught of Netflix’s selections? Does this choice paralysis make you end up watching…. nothing?) I had lists and lists and Google Docs of all of the books that I MUST read before I die from millions of different people in order to reach prime intellect and have a top-notch vocabulary. All of the restaurants I needed to try and recipes I HAD to make and cakes and pies and cookies and people to see and this to do and experience plus all of the cities and places I needed to travel and cultures I needed to be exposed to because it’s obviously integral for my development as a human and the only way that one can live a full life. When I accomplished all I needed to, I could sit on my death bed knowing I did and experienced and read and ate and painted and went to everything I wanted to in the world. All at the same time. Check, check. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

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All purpose lemon & herb seafood marinade


There is this fish market near my house where the people are warm and real, and the fish is out of this world. It doesn’t leave me wanting much else from a food establishment. Being that the fish is far above par, it has resulted in a bit of a food shopping conundrum. I can’t go anywhere else. Ever. I go to Whole Foods and walk by the fish and I’m just like “nope.” The quality is through the roof at my little market. The flavor of the fish is as genuine as the people selling it to me.

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Baked ratatouille


I must preface this post by explaining my SIX MONTH (!) absence. It’s not like I’ve been at home twiddling my thumbs in bed, watching reruns of Cheaters, eating cake pops, and sporting a permanent dark chocolate mustache. Although that would be pretty awesome. I’m going to use the most cliched of excuses and tell you that I’ve been busy. Extraordinarily busy. In a good way. Working, absorbing, and being a lot of tired. Lots of not knowing what the hell I am doing and in turn, experiencing the power of belief.

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