My favorite cranberry chutney

November 22, 2016


Yesterday, I posted about how to approach the holidays. I hope you gathered that I think you should eat some stuff you don’t normally eat, because DUH. You have to. It’s the holidays. This isn’t the time for a Whole30. Or a diet. Actually, it’s never time for a diet. This is the time to give yourself some grace, relax, and have ZERO GUILT about anything you eat.

I’ve spoken about how foods fall into two categories for me: worth it and not worth it. It’s a constant evaluation. This happens especially around holiday time. Because in my family, the holidays are studded with tons of special food. Because my entire family is obsessive about making everything from scratch. Nothing comes from a box or is premade. That’s considered an abomination. One time, someone brought a grocery store pie to our Thanksgiving, and my family members were aghast: “IT’S STORE BOUGHT, AND IT’S HERE!?” I get that people don’t have time to make stuff, but around here, it’s just the way it is. It’s how I grew up and it’s my norm. I’m no elitist, because I do still eat Lucky Charms on a weekly basis, but the holidays are a time when it’s extra special and yes, everything should be made from scratch and with heaping helpings of love.

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How to feel good during the holidays

November 21, 2016

img_6880It’s insane, but completely and utterly understandable, that a period of time in which there are ONLY 3-4 days of legit holidays turns into a solid month and a half of alcohol and food related debauchery, leaving us feeling bloated, lethargic, unmotivated, powerless, and for me in the past, just freaking depressed with jeans that won’t button.

I can’t tell you how many Januarys I’ve approached feeling that way. Similar to the way I travel (which I recently wrote about here), I simply got exhausted of having overindulgent holiday eating rule my life year after year. It took introspection, a re-valuation of the way I truly want to feel every day, getting to the bottom of what holidays are REALLY about (hint: it’s not all food) and the implementation of easy, clear, and practical strategies.

There are a couple tools that help me get through the holidays now, and they’re mainly rooted in AWARENESS of yourself. Remember that you always hold the power in any situation, food related or otherwise. You’re in charge of how you get to feel. And if you really re-evaluate how you truly want to feel every day, I guarantee that overeating isn’t a part of it.

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A new way to talk about food & your body

November 14, 2016

howieatConfession: I’m judgemental.

More than I’d like to be. I don’t care how spiritual I get, the judgy part of me stays put. I’ve learned over the years that I can watch my judgements without reacting. They’re just a natural loop of the mind. But the fact remains, I can be judgey. Not really about other people, though. I have no judgement for how people choose to live their lives or the actions they choose to take. But I do judge my boyfriend for not doing laundry as often as he should. I judge my dog for wanting to eat poop from the ground (and I really judged her hard when she ate it behind my back & hid a piece of poop IN HER MOUTH). I judge myself when I don’t brush my teeth before going to bed or for not wanting to shower, ever.

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How I eat while I travel – Part 2

November 10, 2016


I didn’t think a travel post would be complete without seeing some real, concrete examples of what I eat along with the thought processes that accompany them. You’ll see below that the main difference between how I used to eat and how I eat now comes with the mindset I use. Before, I placed little importance on how I felt while I ate the food. The food controlled me. Now, I am the main source of inspiration for WHAT I eat and HOW MUCH of it I eat. I hope that comes across in this post. 

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How I eat while I travel – Part 1

November 7, 2016


I recently took a trip to California and came back feeling energized and ready to get back to work like a normal person. I also spent three weeks in Europe last year, with zero changes to my mental state or how my jeans fit. This is NOT how things always were. I used to arrive from travel with my body screaming for normal food and hours of exercise. This stark difference has motivated me to write this post, because it’s been swirling in my brain for a long time.

With each passing year, I realize that food is paramount to my emotional and physical well-being. Its importance cannot be underestimated. So on a normal day-to-day basis, I watch what I eat closely and don’t eat much of what doesn’t work for me. Traveling takes me out of my normal eating, because there’s no better way to experience a place than through its own food. And wine, duh. BUT. Huuuuge but. I want to feel my best and most energetic while I travel, because if I feel like crap, my experience is robbed. So, to what degree am I willing to say eff-it to my way of eating while I travel?

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My changes for 2016 // Halfway update

August 17, 2016


I returned to online life a month ago and posted about metaphorical seasons. Because lately, I’m feeling this lesson hard. Changes. Ebbs. Flows. Ups. Downs. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’m coming back home to myself. Last year, I finally decided to take responsibility for issues I had been facing my entire life. I wrote about them over here. I committed to not run from myself anymore. Instead, I vowed to take time to stay with myself even when it was uncomfortable. Especially when it was uncomfortable.

I started an intense yoga practice. I began meditating and was diligent about colliding with the present moment. This sounds sparkly and fun and mystical, but let me tell you something: it was arduous most days. Granted, I am a sensitive person too fragile for her own good, so I felt the full scope of the good, the bad, the joyful, and the unbearable.

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There’s no physical solution to an emotional problem

July 13, 2016


I’ve been an emotional eater for most of my life. I’ve had heavenly pockets of time where I haven’t used food emotionally, but they were always short lived. These past four years, I’ve worked hard on my relationship with food, looked it straight in the face, and asked it what it had to tell me. 

The thing is, as emotional eaters, we use food for every reason other than what it’s really intended for. To nourish us, to give us energy, to move through the world, to express ourselves with poise and have an iron mind. We use it as a control mechanism. We eat too much, we don’t eat, we eat the smallest amount possible, we starve, we hide food, we lie to ourselves and others, we think a certain diet or meal plan will fix us, FINALLY, thank you God. We think food holds all the answers, that it’s our savior, our reason for living. It is, in a way. It also really isn’t.

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Herbed salmon with red onion & caper vinaigrette

July 11, 2016


My grandmother says she was a pig in a past life because NO ONE loves corn as much as she does. I think I might have been salmon, because I cling to it with ferocious adoration. Wait, would that make me a cannibal? Weird.

I don’t care. It’s my favorite food. If I had to eat ONE thing for the rest of my life, salmon would be it. Protein and good omega-3 fats plus amazing flavor will makes for a joyful me. Simply broiled or seared is my go-to method, because I’m in love with its crackly exterior and it’s all I need. Wait does this mean that according to my grandmother’s theory that I’d be a cat because cats eat salmon? Because that’s inaccurate.

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