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Teriyaki poached salmon

May 21, 2015

teriyaki copy

During my miniscule existence on this earth, I’ve learned that when I proclaim love for anything, there is only one prerequisite: that it loves me back. It can mean a partner, a friend, a couch, an action, a book. Food. Especially food. Food you eat should love you back, hard.

Most people don’t know what food loves them back. {Unless it’s obvious like eating a jar of nutella, then you will know immediately that it DOESN’T}. Figuring out which foods feel good for your body can be dumbfounding. Because books can’t answer that question. Most doctors can’t, either. The entire internet can’t. Trust me, I’ve searched. It’s not some buried treasure Agatha Christie-style mystery. It doesn’t live in the clusterfudge of differing opinions of the media and nutritionists. No one can answer this question for you.

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Gluten free, Healthy, Paleo

My favorite easy bolognese sauce

May 8, 2015


I hesitated to call this the “best” bolognese sauce, because bolognese is a loaded word. Swoop over regions of Italy and kitchens of cooks and restaurants of chefs and you’ll get a clustereff of opinions and ingredients. This thick, meaty sauce is typically made from a variety of meats, aromatics, maybe some garlic, maybe some herbs, maybe some extra cured pig product, maybe a little white or red wine. It can be fussy and take becoming a slave to the pot on your stove. There is a time and place for this, of course. It’s crazy traditional to do so. But frankly, sometimes I’m not in the mood. What I’m always in the mood for is easy and good.

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Hey, I’m here to inhabit space

December 17, 2014

Everyone on this planet has a calling.

Everyone. That means you, too.

Everyone is destined for something. Everyone is given a talent: a unique way to move and speak and think and feel as you navigate through the world. You do things in a way that no one else can.

No one.

No one can make other people feel the way that you make them feel.

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What is healthy?

December 10, 2014

“Healthy” no longer holds meaning in my world. How can it when it’s thrown around haphazardly like a hacky sack? It’s been hard for me to break up with it. Everyday I get asked: “But is it healthy? Can I eat it all the time? What about just a tiny portion? What about just for breakfast? Or for dinner? Four hours before dinner? What if I eat it in secret, does it count? What about only on my cheat day? Can I have a cheat day?”

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Raise your hand if you’re an emotional eater

November 4, 2014

Mostly everyone on this planet enjoys food. “Mostly” because we all know that one insipid person who doesn’t. Who “just eats to survive.” Um. Yeah, gross. I’m familiar with this fact because one of these people is my ex-boyfriend. Obviously, I was doomed from the get-go.

Among the actual fun camp are the people who adore food and the experience of eating but can stop when they’ve had enough. They’re capable of leaving delicious food on plates and forks and bowls and it’s forgotten into oblivion. They recognize when they deem they’re good and immediately get back to doing whatever else they’re doing that has nothing to do with eating. Talking, engaging, picking stuff up on the floor, doing dishes, watching TV, working. Food and thoughts of it have left the building. Good for them.

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Spiced carrot & coconut soup

October 16, 2014

Some combinations are obvious. Things like chocolate and peanut butter or almonds and strawberries or salt and pepper. A best friend and you, a vacation and a margarita, a slow walk with serious introspection. Peas and carrots.

The less obvious combinations might be harder to discover but that shouldn’t discount the intensity of their synchronicity. Maybe you’re giving a chance to someone or something. Something that you’ve never tried before but have been curious about. You should. It might be worth it. If you don’t try, you never know what you could be missing out on. How amazing it could be.

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Brain windows: The importance of protein

October 6, 2014

Michael Pollan is known for many things, but his quote on how to eat, “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” is krazy glued to his followers’ brains.

I agree with this, mostly.

I’ve tinkered with “how to eat” since the day I was born, obviously. I have to. Don’t we all? But the question of how to eat and what to eat and how much and when is a loaded machine gun. There has never been a time in the history of earth where this question has been more popular, contested, and frankly, annoying. Notions of “diet” and “healthy” and “good for you” are completely meaningless. Healthy cupcakes? Bad for you steaks? Bad for you vegetables? Good for you, sugar-laden everything? People ask me all the time, “but is that healthy?”, and the answer is always a long-winded explanation, because it’s multi-layered and SO individualistic. What’s healthy for me might not be healthy for you. And what’s healthy for you might not be healthy for me. I think we need to guide ourselves by what foods make us feel like shit and what foods don’t make us feel like shit. And Michael Pollan’s quote is good in the sense that he’s promoting eating that is unprocessed, whole, and from the earth. But what comprises the other when it’s “mostly” plants?

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