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March 15, 2012

Cakes, Chocolate, Desserts

Hot chocolate cake

March 15, 2012

Every day we encounter things we know we should do, but we don’t necessarily do them. It’s hard to! Like saying no to the delicious third glass of wine that calls my name but then leaves me waking up with just that slight twinge of a headache. Or those last few bites of decadent pasta, cheese, or cake. Or like calling distant family relatives that you don’t feel like speaking to. Or waking up and not hitting the snooze button, getting right out bed and going on a run. Yeah…fat chance. We know we should or should not do things based on how they make us feel, how good they are for us. I also know I should always always always follow directions on a baking recipe, but sometimes, like this time, I didn’t.

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