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Cherry & honey greek yogurt paletas

September 17, 2011

When I tell people I love living in Boston thus far, at times I’m met with looks of perplexity. They assume that as I hail from a lifetime of tropical climates, I will suffer from the cold. And I probably will.

The coldest temperatures I’ve ever experienced have been from living in Gainesville, where it gets to a staggering 30 degress F. I’ve only seen snow a few times, and I usually go back inside once I’ve caught an in person glimpse of beautiful white landscapes. My parents don’t like the cold either; our vacations have never centered around skiing, or cabins, or any of that. So needless to say, I’m the girl who is wearing a sweater in 65 degree temperatures. And that’s “warm” to some people. Eek.

Yesterday was the coldest day in Boston that I’ve experienced and it wasn’t even that bad. Or, for that matter, that cold for Boston. It surprises me to say that I actually kind of liked it. It changed the vibe of the city completely. It made me feel cozy and winterish. It also abated my usual daily ice cream cravings and subsequent consumption for a nice, warm hot chocolate or apple cider.

So it seems that I am cutting it close on my wantings of cold things like these cherry paletas, which are so easy to make and only have 3 ingredients. Plus it feels awesome to make your own popscicles, with your very own popscicle mold. Not to mention that these are very healthy, a small stray away from my usual rich recipes, but they do not lack in flavor. They are fresh, wholesome, and tangy.

Sit back, get to cherry pitting (which, I must say, is kind of a violent act, complete with red splatters), and let’s enjoy the last few weeks of warmness, before I digress to a state where I’ll only be talking about my frostbite. Brrr.

Cherry and Honeyed Greek Yogurt Paletas

Makes 4 paletas

Note: this recipe is easily doubled.


1 1/2  cups cherries

1 cup greek yogurt

2 tablespoons honey


Pit cherries and chop very, very finely, to an almost minced stage. Set aside. Mix yogurt with honey. Get out your popscicle mold and fill with alternating spoonfuls of cherries and the honeyed greek yogurt. You might have some leftovers, but you can make a parfait while you wait for these to set. Freeze for at least 6-8 hours.



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