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Whole30 Recap

August 21, 2015


(This post is long. Bare with me. I’ve included a synopsis of my past Whole30s.)

Why did we do it? A little back story.

This Whole30 was a necessary intervention for me. I was coming off of one year of new-relationship bliss and was (and still am) very much in love. But I had not felt heavier, more lethargic or unmotivated in years. I was depressed because my pants did not fit and also my pants did not fit because I was depressed. That correlation is a funny one. I became unproductive in what I knew I was capable of. I had lost my spark, my edge, and my desire for newness. My always thirsty and hungry self was “happy” just laying on the couch and eating chocolate dipped in almond butter when I came home from work. I couldn’t take it anymore because I felt so unlike the person I know I am and always was. I have a great life, so I have nothing to be sad about. So what was the culprit? Eating food that I know doesn’t work for me and drinking too much. It was so. much. fun. to do this, but one thing led to another and left me in the state described above.

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Simplest dry-brined roast chicken

August 20, 2015


Roast chickens and I go way back. First of all, I adore them. How cute are they with their little legs and motor-boat-y breasts? My only problem is that I tear into them WAY too fast, leaving their previously beautiful looking golden bodies appear like they were left alone with a coyote.

The first time I ever roasted one, I was trying to impress someone and got really complicated with a fancy recipe and I served the chicken upside down. So much for that. If someone told me how easy it was to make a delectable & impressive bird, then I would have NEVER gone through the fuss.

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What is unlimited?

August 18, 2015



By nature, I am an over-indulger. I used to believe that over-indulging equated happiness and frankly, I lived for it. Through TV binges, clothing, sale items, money, shoes, dates, and my favorite past-time, food binges. Going out to dinner knowing I could eat whatever and however much I wanted while glugging down delicious wine and cocktails was heaven on earth. It felt like this type of “letting go” meant I was free. In reality, it had me in chains.

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August 11, 2015


I know I’m always saying simplicity is best and blah blah blah, but I am obsessed with condiments. Ooooobsessed. My fridge door is laden with them. I love ketchup and I don’t care how gross that makes me seem, ketchup is a amazing. When I’m hungover I just want piles of ketchup. Food is an afterthought, it just becomes the vehicle for its consumption.

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Garden minestrone

August 10, 2015


I lose stuff daily. Mostly mundane things like socks or bobby pins or spatulas. Sometimes, I lose my mind. Normal. But for the past year and a half, I lost the most important thing in my life: my breath. I forgot what it was like to truly be. here. now. In the moment. To soak everything up like a sham-wow. Before I lost my breath, I was always there, being where I was, and doing what I was doing. Focused beyond belief. Life. was. lived. I breathed deep and long and hard through everything, that breath never escaped me, even if its Darth Vader-y style freaked out those in a ten foot radius of me.

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How to roast spaghetti squash

August 7, 2015


Disclaimer: spaghetti squash is not spaghetti. People tout this vegetable as being an adequate substitute for pasta but that’s an absurd reach. Pasta’s luxuriousness is capable of putting pause onto the world. Substitutes don’t exist; besides other varieties of pasta. However, spaghetti squash is delectable and a wonderful nest for ragus, proteins, sauces, and other vegetables to lay themselves.

Some people microwave their spaghetti squash. It gets the job done in about twenty minutes. I can handle a few minutes of microwave, but twenty minutes? No thanks to eating radiation and whatever else happens in microwaves. Plus, roasting it turns the spaghetti squash reeeeeeaally sweet and toasty and caramelly and I’m out of words because I’m too enraptured thinking about it. Tantalizing, I know.

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Simple cauliflower puree (or how to make any vegetable puree tasty)

July 27, 2015


I really must have been a baby at some point because I could eat pureed food exclusively for the rest of my life. That’s really not a joke. Well, duh, I was a baby (I’ve seen pictures and my parents tell me), but it’s not a joke that I could live off of purees, and happily. Consequently, I’ve mastered the super easy art of making them whenever I want.

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