Raise your hand if you’re an emotional eater


Mostly everyone on this planet enjoys food. “Mostly” because we all know that one insipid person who doesn’t. Who “just eats to survive.” Um. Yeah, gross. I’m familiar with this fact because one of these people is my ex-boyfriend. Obviously, I was doomed from the get-go.

Among the actual fun camp are the people who adore food and the experience of eating but can stop when they’ve had enough. They’re capable of leaving delicious food on plates and forks and bowls and it’s forgotten into oblivion. They recognize when they deem they’re good and immediately get back to doing whatever else they’re doing that has nothing to do with eating. Talking, engaging, picking stuff up on the floor, doing dishes, watching TV, working. Food and thoughts of it have left the building. Good for them.

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Spiced carrot & coconut soup


Some combinations are obvious. Things like chocolate and peanut butter or almonds and strawberries or salt and pepper. A best friend and you, a vacation and a margarita, a slow walk with serious introspection. Peas and carrots.

The less obvious combinations might be harder to discover but that shouldn’t discount the intensity of their synchronicity. Maybe you’re giving a chance to someone or something. Something that you’ve never tried before but have been curious about. You should. It might be worth it. If you don’t try, you never know what you could be missing out on. How amazing it could be.

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Brain windows: The importance of protein


Michael Pollan is known for many things, but his quote on how to eat, “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” is krazy glued to his followers’ brains.

I agree with this, mostly.

I’ve tinkered with “how to eat” since the day I was born, obviously. I have to. Don’t we all? But the question of how to eat and what to eat and how much and when is a loaded machine gun. There has never been a time in the history of earth where this question has been more popular, contested, and frankly, annoying. Notions of “diet” and “healthy” and “good for you” are completely meaningless. Healthy cupcakes? Bad for you steaks? Bad for you vegetables? Good for you, sugar-laden everything? People ask me all the time, “but is that healthy?”, and the answer is always a long-winded explanation, because it’s multi-layered and SO individualistic. What’s healthy for me might not be healthy for you. And what’s healthy for you might not be healthy for me. I think we need to guide ourselves by what foods make us feel like shit and what foods don’t make us feel like shit. And Michael Pollan’s quote is good in the sense that he’s promoting eating that is unprocessed, whole, and from the earth. But what comprises the other when it’s “mostly” plants?

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Fall is my favorite season for all of the boring reasons. I love being warm and snuggly, I would have the smell of mulling spices glued to my lip if it didn’t look like a weird mustache, and I am head over heels for squash, brussels sprouts, and cranberries. But the real clincher for me, when I know fall is creeping up like the monster in LOST, is when I begin to see the gradual shift in produce. Golden summer stone fruit is slowly replaced by hills of apples. The red to green to yellow spectrum of repetitive orbs gleam so bright I can practically see my euphoric, hearts-instead-of-eyes face in them, and they indicate to me that fall has arrived.

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I must be a perpetual infant because I LOVE SOUPS. I’m a pureed soup aficionado; the monotony of eating the same-flavored, same-textured bite over and over and over is appealing if the soup is good. Not only are soups incredibly delicious, they’re like a food-hug. They’re the way to make something glorious out of nothing and use up your sad, lonely, dying vegetables that you’re about to throw away. Don’t.

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Tahini sauce


We look upon the humble sesame seed as a microscopic garnish to sushi rolls and/or Asian dishes. But when roasted and ground, it’s magical and super versatile. I think tahini is drastically underrated. I’ve been known to eat peanut butter with a spoon, and my new-found love for tahini has me doing the same weird-ass thing. Like really, ground sesame seeds? Over and over? From a spoon into my mouth? Yes.

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Super crunchy cucumber, carrot, & radish salad


Over the past year, my definition of salads has gone through a metamorphosis. I’m a purist, and I’ll happily consume tomatoes & lettuce dressed with olive oil, lemon or a good balsamic, and salt. But most of us stand still at that dead end definition. Behind that door lies a universe of possibility.

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Smoked paprika brick chicken


A few weeks ago, I taught a cooking class and made lunch at a friend’s home for nine beautiful ladies. It was interactive, light, open, and such a BLAST. I find genuine joy in teaching others the simplicity of good food. I’m a food purist, and find that if you can teach people the most basic of things, they are far better armed than with traditional “recipes”. I hope to do this full-time in a larger scale one day. I know I will; I think it’s where my true talent is. This is one of the dishes we made.

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What can I eat on the paleo diet?


People argue that we should be eating paleo because our ancestors ate that way. I’m talking the WAY back ancestors, like the cavemen in the caves who ran amongst herds and killed their prey with their hands, raaaawwwrrr. Well, I don’t really care about that. It’s light years in the past and we’ve evolved since then. A lot of it is speculation; I mean, how do we REALLY know all of it, fossils?! I care about the reality, the hard evidence, the FACTS. And the fact is that paleo reduces inflammation in the body. Inflammation of… everything. Heads up, people, inflammation is the new silent killer of humans. Eliminating the food groups listed below will achieve this. It will also make your body run like a fine-tuned machine. For reals. You’ll feel like you’re a porsche-y engine at all times of the day. Your digestion will be perfect. Your stomach will feel flat. Ever feel bloated after eating a meal? Yes, come on. Always, right? Well, na-nee-na-nee-boo-boo, I NEVER FEEL BLOATED. EVER. Unless, of course, I put my paleo eating on pause.

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Basics Banter: the perfect protein sear


People think they need to go to a super fancy restaurant to get a desirable sear on their proteins. This is so false. Searing proteins is of the simplest things you could ever do at home but people don’t think it’s possible for them. The biggest thing standing between you and a beautiful crust on your piece of fish is your fear of doing it and thinking it’s elusive and unattainable. If you know how to sear, you can have an excellent meal every day in less than ten minutes.

Keep in mind that the tips below are true for ALL proteins of all shapes and sizes. My favorite thing to sear is fish and steak, but this works for chicken with or without skin. Chicken tenders or whole chickens. Steaks or chunks of steaks. Scallops. Fish sticks or fish filets. Lamb legs. Huge pork butts. Whole beef tenderloins. ALL OF THEM. Even vegetable steaks! Let’s get busy:

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